Guestbook message By MacDonald/Cambell/Rutherford: Oh my goodness, well, we had a complete ball!! Thanks ever so much, you have really done a brilliant job with the house and you've obviously thought a great deal about all the items there for use. We stay in self catering a lot and yours is the best provision of cooking equipment, utensils, etc we've come across. It really does feel like your home, not house, for the week. To illustrate, my two children made an interesting language choice - normally when we're away they will ask towards the end of the day, 'Is it time to go back to the holiday house now?'. Whilst at yours, I didn't hear them say that once. They referred to it as 'home' and I've not heard them do that before. Isn't that lovely? It was just perfect for us all! It's such a big house that there was plenty of room for all of us to spread out quite happily but it doesn't feel cavernous if you know what I mean? When there are 10/12 of you away together often there is not enough room to find yourself a little corner of calm to relax and with the children altogether that can sometimes make things a little fractious but Easter Ellister has plenty of options to find yourself a bit of calm even with 10 of you there. Some of the children's games of hide and seek were quite long (bonus for us!) as the hiding options were vast. Top hiding spots were voted the library and the bar! The binoculars were much appreciated and well used too. We also had a fun night out on the decking with the kids doing some star gazing. My 2 are used to doing a bit from being on Mull but their cousins, being from Balerno, have a large amount of light pollution to contend with and they were amazed at what they could see from the decking. Much 'oohing' and 'aahhing' took place. The bbq was ace! It's the most relaxing way to bbq, easily! No huddling away from the wind or getting your back soaked trying to keep a fire going - bonus! The kids christened it 'The Hobbit Hut' as it just looks like the set of Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings! Those in charge of bbq-ing said it was very easy to get going (only about 25 mins to get a good heat up to cook on) and also easy to adjust the height over the charcoal. Pretty easy to clean too. Once the charcoal is on, if you keep the door closed the hut warms up very quickly too so the adults were nice and toasty inside whilst the kids were running around outside waiting for the food. We had 2 massive cook outs there, would recommend the butcher, really tasty sausages! And we also did a very successful shellfish one too, scallops from the wee shop in Bruichladdich and fish/shellfish from Jean's van, all lovely too. One idea for you - we had lots of eager hands to carry things down and up to the house but if you get families with younger children what about getting some plastic/melamine plates & cups as that would maybe keep your breakages down? We also gave the floor a really good sweep as it looked so pristine we kept shoving the kids and their muddy feet out! We did love the wooden mobile phone, that made everyone laugh:-) I think had we been there later in the year we would have tried a sleep out too. I also have to say, please would you pass on our thanks to Gilbert, who is now a legend in our house, as Rhuari (as predicted) did fall in love with the chickens (he always does) and Gilbert was so patient with him asking questions. He also took Rhuari along with him to feed them and, according to Rhuari's teacher, his entire class are now all chicken daft due to Rhuari's extensive descriptions of chicken management..... I'm fully expecting a 'Dear Santa' letter this year which asks if he can just a have a few chickens.....(!) Rhuari also thinks Gilbert is some kind of chicken egg magician as Rhuari said Gilbert knew where all the eggs were and he told Rhuari, when Rhuari found one before Gilbert did, that Rhuari was a Top Egg Finder. Rhuari seems to regard this as about equivalent to an Olympic Gold Medal. It's these seemingly little things which I always think make a holiday for the kids and that certainly made Rhuari's so huge thanks to Gilbert, the chickens and their eggs!
Guestbook message By The McKie Family: We discovered Easter Ellister in 2004 and have been going back every year since. It is a beautiful and relaxing place. The house is perfect and the island is beautiful. Even our 18 year old son is happy to holiday with his parents on Islay !!
Guestbook message By Elaine Haynes: Many thanks to all concerned, a lovely stay in a fabulous house. Everything we required was on hand, very well equiped and extremely comfortable house. It was lovely to have fresh eggs for breakfast and I desperately wanted to "adopt" the hens and bring them home - husband wouldn't allow! Our second visit to Islay and we will be back.
Guestbook message By Susan & George Boyle: Thank you for a wonderful week in a lovely, well equipped house with spectacular views. Who needs the TV when you've got the horses, sheep and lambs right outside the window and we loved the way the chickens came to greet us when we returned to the house. Loved Islay, everyone was so friendly, fantastic beaches and must mention the lovely art gallery we came upon when we drove to Sanaigmore - well worth a visit. Thanks , Gilbert and also Jane - your story is one of strength and courage. We hope to come back soon!
Guestbook message By Justin: Just writing to say thanks and apologise for not filling in the visitors’ book (things get a little hectic trying to organize those small people). The weather was fantastic, but the Island and the house really made it for us. The House was ideal for two families with young children; lots of room, enclosed garden and all the practical utensils and kit needed. One day we went to a beach and saw at leasst 6 other people and that was crowded. Spectacular views without even stepping out of the house helped too!

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