DraftKings Hangs Odds On Next Teams For Rodgers, Watson, Wilson

DraftKings offers odds on Russell Wilson’s, Aaron Rodgers’ next team (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Acquiring a superstar quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, or Russell Wilson would undoubtedly change a team’s odds around the market.  While it is looking unlikely Deshaun Watson finds a new home anytime soon, the odds are shifting in the race to land Russell Wilson. 

DraftKings is offering odds on the teams Rodgers, Watson, and Wilson could play for next. In light of recent news, and in some cases the lack thereof, there has been a shift in some of the odds for all three.

Next Team Odds For Rodgers, Watson, Wilson

Next Team Odds (via DraftKings) Aaron Rodgers Deshaun Watson Russell Wilson
Green Bay Packers -400 +1600 +1200
Denver Broncos +350 +1000 +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1200 +2200 +5000
Indianapolis Colts +1000 +2200 +2500
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200 +900 +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400 +400 +1200
Tennessee Titans +2000 +5000 +4000
New Orleans Saints +2000 +900 +1800
Las Vegas Raiders +1600 +1600 +1800
Cleveland Browns +2500 +1600 +3000
Carolina Panthers +2500 +1200 +2500
Miami Dolphins +2500 +2200 +1500
Los Angeles Rams +3500 +10000 +8000
Arizona Cardinals +3500 +8000 +8000
Washington Commanders +3500 +350 +750
Seattle Seahawks +4000 +1400 -225
Philadelphia Eagles +4000 +2000 +1400
Houston Texans +5000 +1000 +6000
Atlanta Falcons +5000 +3500 +6000
New York Giants +5000 +3000 +5000
New England Patriots +6000 +7000 +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars +6500 +10000 +8000
Baltimore Ravens +6500 +6000 +6000
New York Jets +8000 +5000 +6000
Minnesota Vikings +8000 +1200 +2500
Las Angeles Chargers +10000 +10000 +10000
Kansas City Chiefs +10000 +10000 +10000
Detroit Lions +10000 +5000 +10000
Dallas Cowboys +10000 +10000 +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000 +10000 +10000
Chicago Bears +10000 +2500 +2000
Buffalo Bills +10000 +10000 +10000

Aaron Rodgers

After a tumultuous 2021 offseason where it looked like the Green Bay Packers were going to lose Rodgers, he ended up staying in town. However, he committed to doing so only for the 2021 season. Rodgers has yet to announce his plans for the future.

A cryptic Instagram post had many believing he was ready to retire.

But on The Pat McAfee Show this week, Rodgers claimed there was nothing cryptic about the post; he just wanted to express gratitude after a 12-day cleanse called Panchakarma.

As far as the Green Bay Packers are concerned, no news may be the best news right now. Until Rodgers states he is retiring or that he wants out, there is a chance he is going to stay. The longer he waits, the more time they have to find salary cap room for Davante Adams.

That could be why Green Bay’s odds to hold onto Rodgers improved from -250 to -400; the Packers have gone from having a 71.43 percent chance of keeping him to 80 percent.

The Packers have said they expect a decision from Rodgers before the start of free agency on March 16. Rodgers has said he would not keep the organization waiting.

Does that mean we’ll hear something from him soon? Probably not. 

We’ll hear from him when he is good and ready to share his truth with the world.

Deshaun Watson

While no news may be good news for the Packers, the same cannot be said for Deshaun Watson. The longer his legal situation drags, the more likely it is that teams decide he is more trouble than he is worth. That could be why the odds for 10 teams to land him have gotten longer.

It’s not the only possible reason, though. Some could be doing like the Miami Dolphins, who have ostensibly decided to stay the course with Tua Tagovailoa. Dolphins GM Chris Grier has said the team has “shut the door on Deshaun,” and Miami’s odds of acquiring the QB have gone from +1400 to +2200.

Watson’s lawyers believe the Harris County DA will decide whether to proceed with criminal charges by April 1. But even if criminal charges are not pursued, there is still the matter of 22 civil cases. The NFL says it will not act until after the legal issues get resolved.

Russell Wilson

Wilson’s odds are the most interesting of the three. Wilson has made it sound like he is not going anywhere. It isn’t entirely up to him of course, and while head coach Pete Carroll’s recent comments make it appear as if the team wants him to stay, his choice of words leaves some wiggle room:

“We have no intention of making any move there, but the conversations, [general manager John Schneider] has to field those. He always has. But nothing specific to that.”

Seattle’s odds to retain Wilson moved from -250 to -225, but the door of course remains open for the Seahawks to have a change of heart should the right deal come along.

What is even more interesting, however, is how the odds changed for the Commanders and Broncos:

  • Washington moved from +2500 to +750
  • Denver moved from +2500 to +1200

The general managers of both teams have made it clear that they intend to leave no stone unturned on their search for a new quarterback. Rumors have had each team more interested in someone else, but Wilson is certainly not a bad Plan B.

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